Union Territory of J&K Establishes Steering Committee for Local Government Directory Standardization

In a significant move aimed at streamlining administrative processes, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has announced the establishment of a Union Territory Level Steering Committee. This committee is tasked with the overarching responsibility of monitoring and standardizing the Local Government Directory (LGD) codes across the region.

According to Government Order No.709-JK(GAD) of 2024, dated February 20, 2024, the committee comprises key officials including the Chief Secretary of J&K, the Financial Commissioner of Revenue, and the Commissioner/Secretary to the Government of the Housing and Urban Development Department, among others.

The terms of reference outlined for the committee include:

  1. Standardizing Local Government Directory (LGD) codes in the Union territory of J&K.
  2. Adopting LGD as the standard directory across all databases within the Union territory.
  3. Recommending policy measures for LGD implementation.

This initiative is expected to enhance efficiency in governance by ensuring uniformity and coherence in data management systems across various departments and agencies within the Union territory.

The constitution of the Union Territory Level Steering Committee underscores the administration’s commitment to modernizing and optimizing administrative processes, furthering the territory’s developmental agenda.

The announcement comes as a significant step towards achieving administrative efficiency and transparency, ultimately benefiting the residents of Jammu & Kashmir.