J&K Secretariat to Conduct Type Test for Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars for Junior Assistant Vacancies

The General Administration Department of Jammu and Kashmir has initiated the process of conducting a Type Test for Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars of the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service. This move aims to fill vacancies of Junior Assistants anticipated to be available under the 25% promotion quota, in accordance with the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service Recruitment Rules.

Details of the Initiative: All eligible Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars of the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service, who aspire to participate in the Type Test, are requested to submit their bio-data within a stipulated period of seven days. The submission can be made either in person or via email to establishment.gad@jk.gov.in. The bio-data should adhere to the prescribed proforma/format and include details such as the official’s name, designation, place of posting, and a recent passport-size photograph.

Objective: The objective behind conducting this Type Test is to streamline the promotion process within the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service. By providing eligible candidates with an opportunity to demonstrate their typing skills, the department aims to identify suitable candidates to fill upcoming vacancies of Junior Assistants.

Implications: This initiative not only ensures transparency in the recruitment process but also offers a chance for career advancement to qualified individuals within the service. By encouraging eligible employees to participate, the department fosters a culture of skill enhancement and merit-based promotions.

The decision to conduct a Type Test for Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars of the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service reflects the government’s commitment to efficient administration and employee welfare. Through such initiatives, the department endeavors to create avenues for career progression while maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process. Eligible candidates are encouraged to avail themselves of this opportunity and submit their bio-data within the specified timeframe to be considered for the Type Test.