JKBANK Calendar 2024 PDF, Download Online here

In a celebratory event at the corporate headquarters, Baldev Prakash, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD and CEO) of Jammu and Kashmir Bank, unveiled the highly anticipated J&K Bank’s Wall Calendar for the year 2024. The unveiling ceremony, held on Friday, saw the presence of Executive Director Sudhir Gupta, who joined the MD and CEO in revealing the intricately designed calendar.

For those unable to witness the unveiling in person, the bank has made the calendar available for download in PDF format, ensuring wider accessibility for its diverse audience. The downloadable version allows individuals to conveniently access and view the calendar from the comfort of their devices, further extending the reach of the J&K Bank’s 2024 Wall Calendar.


As the year comes to a close, the bank’s innovative approach in presenting its annual calendar sets the tone for a promising and prosperous 2024. The Jammu and Kashmir Bank remains committed to serving its community while embracing modern communication methods to connect with a wider audience.

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JKBANK Calendar 2024 PDF, Download Online here 2
JKBANK Calendar 2024 PDF, Download Online here 3

The unveiling ceremony was marked by rounds of applause from General Managers and other senior officers, reflecting the excitement and appreciation for the creative and aesthetic elements of the calendar. The event not only showcased the bank’s commitment to excellence but also highlighted its dedication to providing a visually engaging and functional tool for its clients and stakeholders.

The Wall Calendar for the year 2024 is expected to reflect the bank’s ethos and capture the essence of the region it serves. With Baldev Prakash at the helm, Jammu and Kashmir Bank continues to make strides in fostering a strong corporate culture and maintaining a positive rapport with its employees and customers alike.