Kashmir valley to have plastic roads; Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

It has always been a difficult problem of disposing the plastic waste in the country. Plastic garbage could be easily seen around the roads causing several problems for the country. But with the growing problem of plastic waste disposal, one solution which has made its mark in few years is making a use of plastic for constructing roads.

Using plastic waste in road construction is speeding fast and now Jammu and Kashmir government is also taking a step further for using plastic waste in road construction.

Many voices are rising up in the country to reduce the use of plastic and control the waste it was making. J&K government’s step to make roads through plastic waste will help in preserving biodiversity and reduce carbon footprints in the ecologically-vulnerable region of J&K. A committee has also been framed to analyse and built a plan for the use of waste plastic in the Public Activities (Roads and Building) Department’s macadamisation operations.

As per Secretary to the Government Piyush Singla, the creation of an inter-departmental group to create a roadmap for the use of waste plastic in PW (R&B) Department macadamisation projects starting in the following fiscal year has been authorized. Committee looked up to properly utilise the material, which would otherwise not be recycled, the central government has been using plastic garbage in road construction.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that plastic waste would be used in road construction in the year 2016.

Since then, one lakh kilometres of roads in 11 states have been built using plastic garbage, reportedly.

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