UPSC Topper 2021 CSE AIR 2: Ankita Agarwal IAS Success Story

UPSC Topper 2021 CSE AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal (2nd Rank): UPSC has released the final result of Civil Services 2021 Exam along with the toppers list. Total 685 candidates have been recommended for final appointment by Union Public Service Commission. This year all the three toppers are female hailing from different parts of India – Shruti Sharma, Ankita Agarwal and Gamini Singla. Let’s look at the Success story of 2nd Topper (UPSC CSE 2021 AIR 2), Ankita Agarwal.

UPSC CSE Topper 2021 Ankita Agarwal (AIR 2)

Ankita Agarwal cleared IAS Exam in her 3rd attempt and got the 2nd Rank (AIR). She gave her first attempt in 2019 (secured the 239th All India Rank) and 2nd in 2020 after leaving a corporate job . Ankita hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, and has completed Economics Hons from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University in 2017. After that, she worked for Dalberg (a Consultancy firm) for 1 year and covered countries like Bangladesh. Then in 2018, she left the corporate job for UPSC CSE Exam Preparation.  

Ankita’s optional subject was Political Science and her first preference in UPSC was IAS, and the second was IPS. She likes to read in her free time and used to Play Basketball earlier. Her father is a Businessman in Kolkata, West Bengal. Ankita is a strong single woman who likes to dedicate her services to the country.

In an interview she said “The issues of poverty, unemployment, climate change, etcetera, prevalent in other countries, are across the table everywhere. I’d like to work on them,” said Ankita Agarwal, AIR 2 in #UPSC, on being asked about the issues she’d like to work on after getting posted in West Bengal”.

On being asked about her strategy for the #UPSC Civil Services Exam, AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal said, “More than strategy, I think if someone wants to be a civil servant, they should be very clear about their motivation as only that will push you on difficult days. Consistency is key.”

Ankita Agarwal also shared that “This is my third attempt; on my first attempt, there was less time so I couldn’t cover much. On my second attempt, there was a lack in my diligence, but I thankfully bridged it in my third attempt. I’ve left all social media platforms as they’re very distracting”

Commitment, Hard Work, Focus, and Belief are the important elements that add to the success story of Ankita Agarwal, UPSC 2021 Topper – All India Rank 2.

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